Vi är återigen GEO certifierade. STORT tack till Miljögruppen (Bo Lindgren, Göran Karlsson, Rosita Nyqvist) för det jobb ni lägger ner.
“Finspångs Golfklubb, like so many other golf clubs over the past three years, has had challenges for the business regarding covid and high diesel and electricity prices. The club's sustainability
development has been limited during this period. Still, with a strong commitment from the environmental council, members and green keeper, the club has nevertheless carried out an important natural value inventory, and established a flower meadow, additional fauna deposits, nesting boxes for birds and bats, and a bee bed to promote pollinators. I look forward to seeing future progress on and benefits from: (1) continuing to modernize the irrigation system to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption; (2) using the nature value inventory to develop a management plan for increasing biodiversity in areas with natural values
Kerstin Antonsson
(GEO accredited independent verifier)


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